VW recalls 239,000 T6.1 vans due to door problems

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Volkswagen has begun recalling 238.880 VW T6.1 vans.

At colder temperatures, the affected cars may experience door lock failure. The recall will take place in stages, starting in northern Europe and continuing across the continent further south.

Last week, the action was launched in the so-called “cold countries”. The carmaker cites the Scandinavian countries and Russia as examples. In our latitudes, the repair of nearly 76,000 T6.1 vans is expected to begin in mid-September. Finally, Southern Europe and “warm countries” are expected to follow from mid-December this year.

There is a reason for the regional staggering because, on the one hand, it involves a large number of vehicles and, therefore, complex logistics of the necessary parts. On the other hand, the problem occurs particularly in low temperatures, which are usually earlier in northern Europe.

“Due to water ingress, the door locking mechanism can be compromised at sub-zero temperatures, and the door lock may not fully engage,” a Volkswagen spokesman told kfz-rueckrufe.de. The Bowden cables with improved sealing must be replaced on the driver and passenger doors or the rear doors of the double-cab versions, and additional door lock sealing foil must be installed.

The recall, internally coded “57i7“, concerns T6 models that rolled off the production lines in Hannover and Poznan between 1 July 2019 and 5 May 2021. According to the manufacturer, the repair takes approximately three and a half hours. A similar recall was already carried out last year, but for a much smaller number of vehicles.

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Source: kfz-rueckrufe.de, autoservicepraxis.de, Rapex

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