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Peugeot 3008 (2016 – 2018)

Published on 23 September 2018

1. The cars have an incorrect version of the engine’s software, leading to errors in the cooling strategy and malfunction of the engine’s “high temperature” warning system. This could lead to unnoticed overheating of the engine, which may leak oil and also fail, increasing the risk of accident.

The recall affects vehicles produced between 31. 5. 2016 – 6. 4. 2018 – VIN VF3MJAHWGS150801 to VF3MJAHWWKS004955.

Source: Alert 38/2018 A12/1355/18

2. The cylinder-housing oil gallery plug may not have been correctly tightened. As a consequence oil might leak which presents a skid hazard for following traffic.

The recall affects vehicles produced between 27. 4. 2018 – 30. 5. 2018 – VIN: VF3MJAHWWJS184411 to VF3MJAHXVKS007901.

Source: Alert 38/2018 A12/1364/18

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New: Reliability by Make and Model

Type of alert
Production period31. 5. 2016 - 6. 4. 2018
Type/number of modele2/2007/46*0534*00, e2/2007/46*0534*001 e2/2007/46*0534*02, e2/2007/46*0534*03, e2/2007/46*0534*04, e2*2007/46*0405*15, e2*2007/46*0405*16, e2*2007/46*0405*17, e2*2007/46*0405*18,
Country of originFrance
Alert submitted byFrance
Products were found and measures were taken also in
Measures taken by economic operators
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