Litres of water can be hidden in the body of VW Touareg, Audi A7 and Porsche Cayenne

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Most of the current cars do not avoid some development or design defects. This is actually the whole content of this website – car recalls. However, some defects do not appear until after many years of operation and many old cars do not live up to the recall.

For example, the first generation of VW’s SUVs. Volkswagen Touareg owners as well as owners of the Audi A7 and Porsche Cayenne, built on the same platform, share videos with litres of water discovered in the car’s body cavities. The recall has not yet been announced for this reason and who knows if it will ever be.

The first worrying signal that something is wrong could be a splashing sound when you drive onto the pavement or when you stop on the lights. Sure, it may be the sound from the fuel tank but it may not…


On the videos, you can see how much water can be found in the body sills of these cars. How the water gets there could probably be the subject of a hot debate but it is likely that it has been gathering there for several years.


Also, it’s not just at the sills as another video shows that a “small pond” can also be created in the space under the Audi Q7’s front window. When the drainage hoses are not regularly cleaned, the water will later penetrate into the cabin and you will probably be able to bathe your feet. However, this is a problem that affects most of the cars.


The first generation Touareg’s, A7’s and Cayenne’s can be bought at very attractive prices nowadays. If you consider all the pros and cons and get some used car, be sure to check also if there is any liquid in the stills.


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Source: Carthrottle

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