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Latest Recalls

List of Recalls by date

List of recalls by publication date. Choose the make and model to see more details of known recalls that may apply to your vehicle.

The most recent

11 June 2020

1. Due to inappropriate software of the powertrain control module (PCM), the automatic idling restart (IR) may fail to restart the … .

10 June 2020

Due to inappropriate software, the powertrain control module (PCM) may incorrectly judge the half clutch condition as a clutch disengaged condition … .

9 June 2020

The front lower arms may have cracks on some portions of their surface, which may cause them to break and separate … .

9 June 2020

Due to inappropriate material, the sealing gasket attached to the wiring connector of the LED running and position lights can release … .

8 June 2020

The vehicles might experience an electrical short circuit on the ABS/ESC module, which can disable these systems. This will impair the … .

8 June 2020

The wiring harness running under the right-hand side second-row seat may not have been installed in accordance with the specifications and … .

8 June 2020

The adhesive bond between the panoramic roof and the vehicle body is inadequate. As a result, the panoramic roof may completely … .

8 June 2020

The adhesive bond between the sunroof and the vehicle body does not meet the specifications. As a result, the sunroof may … .

8 June 2020

The adhesive bond between the sunroof and the vehicle body does not meet the specifications. As a result, the sunroof may … .

7 June 2020

The rear, left-hand seat belt-lock holder might be damaged. Consequently, in the event of an accident, the lock might break, reducing … .

The number of Car Recalls is increasing

Around 30 car-recalls appear in the EU Information System Rapex every month. All the defects are fixed free of charge even with the cars over ten years old. If the owner does not receive an invitation letter from the manufacturer, he should contact the nearest dealer. Remember, that every fourth car remains unrepaired after the recall.

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