The most common problems by Make

Common faults that are solved by the recall

Around 30 vehicle recalls appear in the EU Information System Rapex every month. The most common problems sorted by tag (engine, steering, suspension,…) can be found in the second tab. Choose the make and model or the most problematic areas to see details of known faults that may apply to your vehicle.

Common Problems by Tag

accident(1086) airbag(668) Aixam(1) Alfa Romeo(8) Alpina(4) Aston Martin(1) Audi(51) Bentley(8) BMW(51) bodywork(257) brakes(330) Bugatti(2) Cadillac(7) Chevrolet(2) Chrysler(5) Citroen(53) Continental(3) Dacia(17) Dodge(18) door locks(56) DS(2) electronic(470) emissions(49) engine(564) EV/Hybrid(69) Ferrari(5) Fiat(20) fire(577) Ford(44) fuel(224) fuel tank(54) gearbox(68) headlamps(35) Honda(12) Hyundai(21) Infiniti(3) injury(1009) Isuzu(2) Jaguar(7) Jeep(20) Kia(19) Lamborghini(4) Lancia(3) Land Rover(13) Lexus(12) Lotus(2) Maserati(3) Mazda(28) McLaren(3) Mercedes(2) Mercedes-Benz(98) Mini(5) Mitsubishi(16) Morgan(1) Nissan(22) Opel(47) Overviews(107) Peugeot(55) Porsche(14) Renault(36) Seat(22) seat-belts(174) seats(186) Semperit(1) Skoda(27) SsangYong(2) stabilization(24) steering(195) Subaru(12) suspension(314) Suzuki(4) Tesla(2) Toyota(36) tyres(27) Uniroyal(2) Vauxhall(2) Volkswagen(38) Volvo(27) VW(27)

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Recent Recalls

14. 06. 2021

The connections of the 12V positive battery cable and of the battery monitoring system cable to the main fuse box may … .

14. 06. 2021

The connections of the 12V positive battery cable and of the battery monitoring system cable to the main fuse box may … .

14. 06. 2021

The fuel supply hose is rubbing against the camshaft cover. This could result in a fuel leak, increasing the risk of … .

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