Possible steering failure with the BMW’s 3-Series, X3, X4 and Z4 models

Worldwide, almost 21,000 BMW vehicles have to go to the workshop. In addition to the 3 Series, its SUV descendants X3 and X4 and the Roadster Z4 are also affected.

The reason for the measure is an incorrect design of the tie rods. As a result, the tie rods can break, the associated wheels would then no longer be guided and thus also not steerable. There is an increased risk of accidents with the vehicles produced between September 2018 and August 2019.

“If the tie rod fails, it cannot be ruled out that the front wheel, which is no longer stable, will turn to the front and inward and hit the wishbone,” said a company spokeswoman to kfz-rueckrufe.de website.

The driver can recognize the damage from the resulting inclined steering wheel and the vehicle being pulled sideways. In addition, the engine output is reduced due to the vehicle dynamics control (“DSC function”), the vehicle slows down and acceleration is no longer possible.

There are 20,880 customers worldwide who have to leave their cars in the care of an authorized workshop for around three hours. This is the standard time to swap the rod.

This recall runs under the internal BMW code “0032140300”.


Source: focus.de

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