The 8 least reliable cars according to ADAC in 2022

The German ADAC automobile association Reliability Index for 2022 evaluates 132 models of 22 makes between three and ten years old, of which at least 10,000 were registered in Germany in some period between 2012 and 2019. The ADAC Reliability Index is calculated from the number of Yellow Angel roadside assistances per 1,000 registered vehicles.

According to ADAC statistics, the Yellow Angels had to provide roadside assistance approximately 3.49 million times in 2021. This is 3.1% more calls than in 2020. The most common reason for car assistance is still a problem with the starter battery, which accounts for 46% of all breakdowns. The second most common reason is the engine’s fault and electronics issues (15.5%). Problems with the bodywork, steering or suspension come in third (14.8%), followed by faults with the generator, starter and wiring (10.3%). The ADAC reliability index does not take into account problems that the driver usually causes himself (e.g. empty tank or tire defects).

For all cars, you will also find links to their recalls. You can also search for recalls by Make and Model on our special page.

The least reliable cars according to ADAC index

Among the vehicle models most prone to breakdowns in the 2022 ADAC breakdown statistics are the Smart Forfour, which is now no longer in production, and the Hyundai i20, which is only more reliable since the 2016 model year. According to ADAC, you also have to be careful with the Renault Clio of the 2014 and 2015 model years. The Toyota C-HR is also experiencing more frequent failures, while the new Toyota Corolla is having battery problems. The Ford S-Max has already ranked poorly in the past, as has the Volkswagen Sharan. The ADAC also recorded a high number of breakdowns with the Opel Insignia.

Smart Forfour6,417,724,829,030,2
Hyundai i202,45,56,610,618,434,432,331,4
Renault Clio8,812,911,619,434,634,226,323,4
Toyota C-HR17,217,924,9
Toyota Corolla9,6
Ford S-Max15,024,438,114,320,720,7
VW Sharan5,38,810,622,133,133,237,035,2
Opel Insignia12,314,724,636,027,724,726,226,4

Legend: Number of breakdowns per 1,000 vehicles registered (= breakdown index) by year of first registration (EZ)

The Toyota Aygo, Audi A1, Mini and Renault Captur, on the other hand, are good choices in terms of reliability, according to the ADAC analysis. On-road faults also rarely affect the Suzuki Vitara from the 2016 model year onwards, the Audi Q3 and the BMW 1 Series.

ADAC Reliability Index by segment

In the full table of statistics below, you will find all the evaluated models, sorted alphabetically and divided into segments. If you click on a model name, you will see its recalls.

The fault frequency rating is shown in a colour scheme from dark green (= very low ) to red (= very high).

A-segment / City car / Mini-compact

Fiat 5002,64,513,921,823,020,219,122,0
Fiat Panda4,512,618,117,421,3
Hyundai i104,68,611,619,519,422,617,218,5
Kia Picanto7,39,212,319,323,8
Opel Adam2,75,19,114,416,717,315,1
Renault Twingo5,77,911,814,920,017,014,319,6
Seat Mii11,215,118,621,224,5
Skoda Citigo2,43,47,68,714,018,219,124,5
Smart Forfour6,417,724,829,030,2
Smart ForTwo7,514,321,826,325,621,917,421,0
Toyota Aygo2,23,74,94,98,610,912,99,3
VW Up!2,04,17,012,315,317,518,718,4

Legend: Number of breakdowns per 1,000 vehicles registered (= breakdown index) by year of first registration (EZ)

B-segment / Supermini / Subcompact

Audi A12,03,52,54,35,78,67,69,9
Citroen C31,63,04,1
Dacia Sandero2,43,55,511,010,113,614,318,1
Fiat Punto18,920,0
Ford B-Max9,214,718,224,023,2
Ford EcoSport4,43,912,49,1
Ford Fiesta (Courier)3,24,512,89,315,419,820,719,0
Hyundai i202,45,56,610,618,434,432,331,4
Hyundai Kona3,84,5
Mazda CX-31,93,44,05,1
Mitsubishi Space Star2,53,85,18,417,314,0
Nissan Micra5,48,910,012,918,622,6
Opel Corsa5,47,211,515,819,217,016,519,4
Opel Crossland3,54,78,9
Opel Meriva18,323,424,823,721,022,1
Opel Mokka8,98,112,014,914,516,415,9
Peugeot 20082,73,56,09,511,711,7
Peugeot 20730,2
Peugeot 2081,82,73,512,817,016.017,823,2
Renault Captur1,71,43,14,44,42,6
Renault Clio8,812,911,619,434,634,226,323,4
Seat Arona2,32,6
Seat Ibiza2,63,44,49,114,017,517,619,5
Skoda Fabia3,04,13,86,49,917,018,020,8
Skoda Roomster16,414,718,121,2
Skoda Yeti5,14,710,214,318,718,8
Suzuki Swift1,41,812,412,514,914,614,8
Suzuki Vitara1,32,02,95,0
Toyota Yaris3,23,97,410,714,220,920,519,4
VW Polo2,12,55,68,812,115,916,319,6

C-segment / Small family / Compact

Audi A31,43,63,94,86,39,613,315,3
Audi Q22,24,12,9
Audi Q32,25,33,63,17,07,910,611,5
BMW 1er2,01,62,43,45,39,58,711,0
BMW 2er1,32,02,94,97,09,4
BMW X11,31,83,47,28,58,38,49,8
BMW X21,43,0
Citroen Berlingo5,65,98,512,815,218,621,428,0
Dacia Dokker6,54,64,97,5
Dacia Duster4,37,78,213,719,019,311,712,2
Fiat Tipo4,28,011,2
Ford C-Max4,14,86,211,615,124,626,732,8
Ford Focus5,27,46,912,316,531,430,028,4
Ford Kuga6,06,810,414,320,124,526,026,0
Ford Tourneo3,810,39,511,219,0
Hyundai i304,95,27,38,414,522,022,429,3
Hyundai ix3512,619,220,723,8
Hyundai Tucson2,82,24,26,114,2
Kia Ceed3,75,76,517,619,424,924,331,0
Kia Sportage4,94,06,78,816,618,220,621,3
Mazda 35,42,64,59,711,712,021,818,0
Mazda CX-52,13,311,75,38,410,514,616,5
Mercedes A-Klasse2,43,95,49,59,38,310,420,9
Mercedes B-Klasse3,53,96,610,39,29,911,213,1
Mercedes CLA3,52,78,115,313,5
Mercedes GLA2,22,65,910,57,08,2
Mitsubishi ASX0,91,63,15,49,59,8
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross1,73,5
Nissan Qashqai5,210,614,615,713,015,119,020,8
Opel Astra5,77,410,212,016,520,220,825,0
Opel Grandland3,36,5
Opel Zafira (Life)8,511,316,525,023,727,827,6
Peugeot 30083,84,88,2
Peugeot 3083,86,314,114,319,228,433,1
Renault Kadjar2,65,610,017,3
Renault Megane5,68,716,528,127,322,625,021,1
Renault Scenic7,626,633,424,524,219,024,0
Seat Ateca2,03,74,9
Seat Leon2,33,53,76,28,510,811,616,8
Skoda Karoq3,23,9
Skoda Rapid2,93,65,68,212,815,5
Toyota Auris6,88,410,215,115,320,224,3
Toyota C-HR17,217,924,9
Toyota Corolla9,6
Volvo XC401,2
VW Beetle3,43,78,512,513,316,9
VW Golf2,13,66,38,49,211,314,220,3
VW Caddy3,45,26,47,511,113,715,819,0
VW Tiguan2,67,59,39,710,113,815,917,9
VW Touran5,110,211,29,916,715,619,322,1
VW T-Roc1,41,9

D-segment / Large family / Mid-size

Audi A41,92,42,84,25,05,25,19,1
Audi A51,43,14,15,25,86,67,910.8
Audi Q51,31,83,23,87,010,38,612,4
BMW 3er2,02,03,23,95,47,49.811,6
BMW 4er1,72,02,93,75,78,2
BMW X30,81,02,32,83,43,44,05,7
Ford Mondeo7,55,49,517,326,821,420,923,0
Ford S-Max15,024,438,114,320,720,7
Mercedes C-Klasse1,63,55,55,49,912,615,615,2
Mercedes GLC1,41,92,84,3
Mercedes GLK8,611,410,112,4
Mitsubishi Outlander2,96,97,6
Opel Insignia12,314,724,636,027,724,726,226,4
Seat Alhambra6,511,310,026,035,432,9
Skoda Kodiaq3,05,07,7
Skoda Octavia3,14,65,76,79,911,416,922,9
Toyota RAV48,912,017,4
Volvo XC600,93,65,45,610,715,6
VW Passat3,26,56,48,39,514,115,220,7
VW Sharan5,38,810,622,133,133,237,035,2

E-segment / Executive / Full-size

Audi A61,63,34,36,07,010,28,412,3
BMW 5er1,41,83,34,56,17,511,116,5
BMW X51,52,1
Ford Ranger5,46,28,7
Ford Tourneo/Transit Custom7,512,57,810,08,312,7
Mercedes E-Klasse2,44,66,513,016,218,721,423,7
Mercedes Viano/Vito/V-Klasse3,73,56,07,911,216,112,518,3
Opel Vivaro10,213,118,719,8
Renault Trafic7,86,27,613,2
Skoda Superb4,75,26,39,213,415,218,723,7
VW Transporter4,15,68,110,415,614,116,919,4
VW Touareg0,63,310,319,6


Ford Transit13,95,78,510,914,411,113,1
Mercedes Sprinter3,22,62,95,27,16,310,96,6
VW Crafter/Grand California5,07,113,45,16,05,85,28,1

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