2021: Renault recalls

Seven recalls for three Renault models

Renault has announced seven recalls in 2021 through the Rapex system, affecting three of its models.

Unlike last year, when Renault recalled eleven models in fifteen recalls, this year’s list has been reduced to virtually only dealing with problems with the Master van. Five recalls were announced for this vehicle, which is also the basis for related vans from other brands. The remaining two are for the marginal Twingo and Twizy models.

All the recalls, sorted by model, are listed in the tables below.

We have written about some of the faults in the following articles.

Renault recalls in 2021 by model

Renault Master

Renault Master III (2018 – 2019)18. 08. 2021The low-pressure fuel circuit may be damaged due to abrasion. This could result in fuel leakage, increasing the risk of fire. ... .
Renault Master III (2021)08. 08. 2021The reaction ring in the internal mechanism of the rear right-hand parking brake calliper may break during the operation of the ... .
Renault Master III (2021)01. 08. 2021The functioning parking brake may be impaired due to a defect in the rear right calliper. This may cause unintended vehicle ... .
Renault Master (2018 – 2019)14. 05. 2021The fuel line may come into contact with the valve cover. This could result in fuel leakage, increasing the risk of ... .
Renault Master (2020)10. 05. 2021The high-pressure fuel pump connection may be tightened incorrectly. This could result in fuel leakage, increasing the risk of fire. The ... .

All Master’s recalls

Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo (2019 – 2021)29. 11. 2021The outer skin of the bonnet may not be properly connected to its structure. As a result, it could become detached ... .

All Twingo’s recalls

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy (2020)01. 10. 2021Improper electric traction reducer may be installed due to a wrong reference in the repair instructions. As a result, the speedometer ... .

All Twizy’s recalls

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