2020 – The Most Recalled Cars in Europe

In 2020, 353 passenger car recalls were announced, which affected 248 models of 38 carmakers.

The data is based on an analysis of the Weekly overviews of RAPEX notifications issued by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection, which is compiled annually into a well-arranged form by the Car-Recalls.eu website. The Rapex system only registers dangerous safety, health and environmental hazards.

The number of recalls is comparable to the previous year 2019, but a significant year-on-year increase occurred a year ago. The main table below shows that Mercedes-Benz (57) reported the most recalls to Rapex in 2020 again, followed by Peugeot (28), Ford and Volkswagen (24).

Toyota (22), Audi (19), Citroën (18), BMW (17), Renault (15) and Opel (14) also appear in the top ten. The representation of brands in the highest positions is the same as a year ago, and only their order has changed. Ford, Volkswagen and Toyota are several places higher, while Audi, Citroën, BMW and Opel headed in the opposite direction. Regardless of the order, the number of recalls increased for almost all manufacturers in the Top ten.

The most common reasons

Compared to previous years, the number of brake defects increased significantly (83 vs 49 in 2019). The risk of fire (114/116) appeared to a greater extent with hybrid and electric cars, for which we introduced a new EV/Hybrid label in 2020. Problems with the suspension (67/65) and steering (31/35) remain at about the same values as in previous years. There was a significant decrease in records due to airbags (95/144) and engine (94/134) failures.

The most recalled cars

Fourteen models of six brands had six or more recalls in 2020. Among the passenger cars, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Peugeot 208 were the most recalled. We also find two BMWs and one Toyota on the list. Citroën Jumpy / Spacetourer, Peugeot Expert / Traveler and Ford Transit had the most defects among the vans. Their owners had to go to the workshop nine times. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter had seven recalls. See more details in our article: These 14 cars had the most recalls in 2020.

A detailed overview of recalls in 2020

In our detailed overview, we dedicate a special page to each manufacturer with a detailed description of problematic models’ defects. For the comparison, we also show the recalls and number of models affected between 2017 to 2019.

A low position in the ranking does not automatically mean higher quality, and conversely, a high position that the manufacturer regularly fails. The disadvantages are mainly producers with a wide production range, where a larger number of issues can occur and manufacturers who offer more technologically complicated vehicles with advanced technologies. This applies in particular to premium brands.

* Minor recalls concerning cars produced over just a few days are not usually listed.
* Data for this unofficial summary is sourced from the weekly overview of reports from RAPEX notifications.
Illustrative photo: source Ford

Number of recalls by Make in 2020

Order 1 – 10 / trend compared to 2019

Order 11 – 20 / trend compared to 2019

#MakeRecalls Models 2019 2018 2017
11 (13)Volvo10 1511/152/14/7
12 (24)Honda8 66/46/62/7
13 (15)Mazda8 510/105/55/4
14 (19)Nissan7 116/107/58/11
15 (17)Jeep7 59/46/36/5
16 (12)Fiat7 412/74/310/11
17 (23)Land Rover7 36/44/49/5
18 (18)Seat6 68/68/84/4
19 (29)Subaru6 63/83/32/4
20 (21)Hyundai6 56/65/62/2

Order 21 – 30 / trend compared to 2019

#MakeRecalls Models 2019 2018 2017
21 (31)Bentley6 33/20/01/1
22 (28)Kia5 44/44/40/0
23 (30)Mitsubishi4 33/414/65/4
24 (19)Dodge4 214/44/37/9
25 (20)Lexus3 46/76/82/3
26 (16)Škoda3 49/73/53/4
27 (22)Dacia3 36/64/45/4
28 (14)Porsche3 211/73/34/4
29 (25)Jaguar2 35/74/58/5
30 (36)Mini2 21/32/11/1

Order 31 – 38 / trend compared to 2019

#MakeRecalls Models 2019 2018 2017
31 (36)Aston Martin1 31/33/63/2
32 (-)Infiniti1 20/01/22/2
33 (34)Alpina1 12/30/01/1
= (33)Cadillac1 12/32/20/0
= (27)Ferrari1 14/113/70/0
= (41)Lamborghini1 11/10/00/0
= (-)Lotus1 10/01/10/0
= (41)Suzuki1 11/14/41/1
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What the owner should do?

If you read about a recall that you think may affect your car, you should make immediate contact with a dealer or workshop that’s been officially authorised to perform repairs on behalf of the manufacturer and ask for the details.

If you wish to know more about eventual problems of a specific car (e.g. real mileage, potential traffic accidents damages, odometer rollback, repairs, etc.), then we suggest going to HPI-Check.

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