2020: Fiat recalls

Seven recalls for four Fiat models in 2020

In 2020, Fiat announced seven recalls for four models through the EU Rapex system.

Fiat’s four recalls concern the Ducato van. Improperly installed cables may come into contact with the exhaust or driveshaft. There may also be a problem with the brake system’s vacuum pump. Fiat also recalled a smaller Talento van because of the airbag.

The brake callipers may be cracked with Fiat 500X manufactured in November and December 2019. The Fiat logo on the steering wheel cover is not sufficiently attached on Fiat Panda from the first half of 2019. In the event of an accident resulting in the airbag release, the logo can be projected at high speed, causing injuries to the occupants.

All the recalls sorted by models are listed in the tables below.

Fiat recalls in 2020 by model

500 X

Fiat 500 X (2019)23. 03. 2020The brake callipers may be cracked. This can result in a loss of braking performance, increasing the risk of an accident. ... .

All Fiat 500’s recalls


Fiat Ducato (2019 – 2020)20. 11. 2020Due to incorrect data transmission to the Vehicle Homologation System (VHS), part 1 of the registration certificate and the vehicle data ... .
Fiat Ducato (2019)28. 03. 2020The brake system’s vacuum pump can malfunction. This can lead to increased braking distance and increased risk of an accident. The ... .
Fiat Ducato (2018 – 2019)23. 01. 2020The incorrectly installed positive cable of the generator may come into contact with the drive shaft. This may lead to a ... .
Fiat Ducato (2019)23. 01. 2020The cabling may come into contact with the exhaust pipe. This may cause the ABS and the rear lights to fail, ... .

All Fiat Ducato’s recalls


Fiat Panda (2019)10. 02. 2020The Fiat logo on the steering wheel cover is not sufficiently attached. As a result, in the event of an accident ... .

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Fiat Talento (2020)26. 10. 2020Oxidation can occur in the gas generator housing of the front passenger airbag module. As a result, the airbag’s protective function ... .

All Fiat Talento’s recalls

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